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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Vision of Love

I was listening to Kris Allen’s new album the other day (which I immediately labelled my summer album after listening to the first 3 songs) and one song goes like this:

Make-up hides her face
‘Cause she feels out of place
She cries
Come on someone tell this girl she’s beautiful

I admit that I’ve been this girl on many occasions. I’ve seen this girl more times than I care to count. Sometimes she’s the girl sitting in the corner of the coffee shop. Sometimes she’s sitting waiting for the bus. Sometimes she’s walking down the street with her head down and sometimes no one ever sees her.

I’ve seen unfeeling young men mock her and though she often hides it well, I have felt her shame. I’ve seen the “cool” girls snub her and I have felt her pain. No matter how hard she tries, nothing seems to change. And the truth is, she’s not the one who needs to change. She’s beautiful just the way she is. And, if someone would look past her glasses or braces or out-of-date clothes or few extra pounds they would see that too. 

I’m tired of guys who make no apologies for not wanting messages from “fatties”. I’m tired of guys who let the door slam in the face of the shy girl. I’m tired of young men treating young women like they don’t matter. 

I wish that I could find every young woman like myself and help her to see that her value is not in how other people see her, but in how she sees herself. The way people treat her does not define who she is. She is beautiful just the way she is and one day, someone will realise just how much they’ve missed by letting her fade into the background, she will shine far brighter than those who spent all their time ignoring her.


Looking to find someone to be happy with

That line came from Billy. He just came out of a bad Relationship He loves camping quading dirt bike ing the outdoors. (*All captialization and punctuation is his and his alone and I do not endorse his profile.) He also has twin nefews and what appears to be a dog the size of a downtown rat. Thanks For Reading happy fishing.

Now, I don’t want to promote lying in ones profile, but there are some truths that could (should) be omitted for certain reasons. Guys, don’t let a girl know that you just got out of a bad relationship. My first thought: it takes two and, if you were a part of the relationship, you were half the problem. That’s not really something you should be advertising followed by “looking for a girl or my future wife”.

And I feel as though I should say this once more: spelling and punctuation really do matter! When a persons first introduction to you is what you have typed out (on a computer that has multiple spell checking options) it really is a poor reflection when you can’t even spell the basics. My eight-year-old nephew can spell out his relationship to me. I expect at least that from any future significant other.

Thanks For Reading happy fishing.


The Drained Pond

Meet the snakehead fish. This ugly bugger caused a lot of trouble in nearby Burnaby, BC a short while ago. These things are not native to British Columbia or even North America and they cause a lot of trouble when they’re brought over from their African or Asian homes. They have a tendency to wipe out native fish varieties and are even known to leave their watery homes for land if food sources are low.

Recently, one of these was spotted in a Burnaby pond. Immediately efforts began to find and destroy the invader. When attempts at fishing for it failed, they tried nets. When the nets failed, they drained the whole pond.

This draws a perfect parallel to Plenty of Fish: the pond has been drained and all that’s left are the ugly buggers no one wants.

Not A Chance (Dirty Filthy Pervert Part III)

So if you got a message from a cute guy, would you answer?

If you got a message from a “really cute guy who had been just girl deprived for months working up north would you maybe help him out and trade a couple body pics with him?”

Again, I just have to wonder, at what point in humanity’s evolution did a proposition like this become appropriate or socially acceptable? And who are the girls that actually say yes to encourage guys like this to keep making propositions like this?

Ladies, here’s a hint, if you don’t want to be treated like a piece of meat, don’t act like one! When you go out dressed like you walk the streets at night for a living, you can’t be surprised if you get cat calls and whistles and really, you have no right to get mad,either. What you’re doing it making it worse for the rest of us girls who actually value who and what we are by letting men get away with crude, rude behaviour.

To Mr. deal2233, my response to his proposition was “not a chance”. I’m sorry. No, I’m not sorry. I’m worth way more than a couple of dirty pictures just so you can deal with your deprivation (there’s another post waiting there).

Gee, I hope it wasn’t me…

I’ve had my profile up on Plenty of Fish longer than I’d like to admit. Actually, I don’t even know how long I’ve had a Plenty of Fish profile. Too long if I can’t even remember. But there are those who are not lifetime members and actually delete their profile when the site has come to the end of its usefulness. 

Several of those people happened to have messaged me recently. I noticed as I was filtering through my inbox today. Seeing more than one deleted profile there makes me hope I’m not the common denominator there.

On a side note, that guy that sent me that fabulous message yesterday morning has sent me several since. Apparently it was not a joke and he was quite serious (insert blush here).