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Date Night!

Guess who had a date last night?  Me!  Hah!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Of course, I paid.  I drove.  But I was walked to the door… and then we both went in.

Now, before you all go thinking about what the heck kind of guy I went out with, let me set you straight.

The man I went on a date with last night has been the man in my life all my life.  Yes, all my life.  All 27 years 5 months and 2 days (and technically the 8 1/2 months prior to my birth).  I’ve been told he was quite a catch back in the day and dated ALL the girls in school.  He’s kind and even sometimes considerate.  He’s got a soft spot for his little girls (yup, he’s got kids, 4 of them) and likes to hang out with his boy.  He loves his wife (Eek!  He’s married to boot!) and even loves her mother.  He’s not afraid of hard work, but still knows how to relax.

In case you are still wondering what I’ve gotten myself into… I took my daddy on a date last night.  For Father’s Day, I gave him a date night.  We hadn’t been to the theatre in what seems like forever.  Daddy and I have had a thing for Robin Hood for a long time.  We all know that, while Kevin Costner has played some memorable roles (Ray Kinsella, Billy Chapel and Frank Farmer), Robin Hood was not his forte.  (At least Cary Elwes had a British accent!)  That, however, has not stopped Daddy and I from watching Prince of Thieves over and over and over again.  When I heard that Ridley Scott was teaming up with Russell Crowe (also paired for Gladiator), to create a new Robin Hood, I was all over that!  Despite mixed reviews, Russell can do no wrong and he did not disappoint me this time.  Daddy and I had a great evening watching a great movie.

My next date with a guy will not involve a relative (and, yes, I’m sure of that).