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Dirty Filthy Pervert – Part 2

It’s been a couple of days since what I am about to tell you actually happened. It’s taken me that long to come to terms with it and to feel a little cleaner about the whole thing.

After this all took place, I had to ask a guy friend to go check out my profile to see if there was anything in it that would attract the perverts. The only thing he could see was my kissy-face “Facebook face” might attract the kind of guys I’m not looking to attract. I removed it immediately. But on with the story…

Mr Snoopaloop55 seemed like an alright guy. Not a Christian, mind you, but decent enough. We shared some low-key banter through a few messages and that was fine. When he asked me about Skype, I thought, meh, he seems nice. So later that evening once my family had all returned to their own homes, I logged on and there he was.  We chatted a bit and then he wanted a video call.

I know I should already be prepared for disappointment. No one looks as good on web cam as they do in their profile pics, but a girl can always hope. What I did not expect was for him to be in bed shirtless with the camera aimed at his not-so-chiseled chest. And that’s not all, folks. Not only was he shirtless, but he tells me right off that he plays with his nipples. He believes in being honest. That’s just a little too much honesty for me. I don’t care and I certainly don’t want to see it.

I should have ended the call there and I wish I had, but I didn’t. He spent the better part of 13 minutes checking his BlackBerry – for what I’m not sure. And in between he’d check to make sure that his nipples were still in place. Unfortunately, they were. He then tells me it’s making him horny. I then tell him I’m done. End call. Close window. Block user. Delete contact. Done. I went and took a bath after that.

And that was the end of it for Mr Snoopaloop55. And then, just as I’m writing this very post, I get a Plenty of Fish instant message from Mr Chef_Doug. 24 years old, kind of cute and can, apparently, cook. The conversation starts out like every other:

“Hey, what’s up?”
“Not much, you?”
“Same. Ur cute.”
“Uh… thanks.”
“I looked at your pics.”

And on it goes for a while and then he asks me for my MSN contact information. I tell him that, due to some recent disturbing experiences, I’m more than a little shy in giving out that information. He then makes the (correct) assumption that I’m a virgin. What’s it to him? And it all went downhill from there. I told him that there are just some subjects that should not be brought up in polite company, especially not in during a first “meeting” and he goes on right into a sex conversation! Right after I told him how inappropriate I thought it was!

So after all this, I’ve been pondering a few things. The first being how violated I feel. My sexuality is my business and mine alone. It’s not up to other people to decide when and where I’m exposed to things of a sexual nature and by these men constantly bringing up the topic, I feel like the choice has been taken from me.

The second it that I must be way more old fashioned than I thought. What happened to the days when it was unheard of to bring up the topic of sex in the presence of a woman? There was a time when a father could take a man out behind the barn and whip him for allowing such vulgar conversation in the presence of his daughter. I almost wish my dad could grab these guys’ ears and haul them out back. Heck I’d hand him the baseball bat on the way out. It seems to me that there are no longer any boundaries between what is appropriate and what is not. In an everything goes world, people are more appalled that I don’t want to talk about sex.

The third is that I am going to do all I can to avoid men of the non-Christian variety. I know that not everyone agrees or adheres to my views on this topic, but at least most Christians will at least respect my decision and not force the issue.

For now, though, I’m not jumping right back into the pond. I’ll dip my toe and test the waters. Caution is my new best friend.


You’re So Vain. You Probably Think This Blog is About You.

This fisher woman discovered something this week. When people say a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s really true. Since rejoining the pond, I’ve had this photo posted as my profile picture. I’ve had a few bites, but not many and, honestly, I haven’t really cared.

This is what my friends lovingly refer to as “The Facebook Face”. The type of photo people put up on Facebook because they think it makes them look good. I use it because it amuses me, not because I think I’m sexy.

On a whim, I decided to put up a different photo. This one seems to attract a lot more attention. My blackberry has been a-buzz with notifications from Plenty of Fish.  “You have received an new message from…” and “So and so wants to meet you!”

Until now, I didn’t really think it mattered all that much. Apparently it does. The part that really gets me is that I never really even liked this picture all that much. I was hot and sweaty when it was taken and I can’t even remember what the heck I was laughing at (someone asked me that today). My nose is all scrunchy and one eye is half closed. At least my teeth are straight (thanks for paying for the braces, Mom).

I never claim to understand men, and probably never will. At least for now, it seems that there are a few more fish in the pond who are taking the bait.

Off Again, On Again

I’m not usually the stop and start kind of gal, but in this case, it happened and I’ll try not to let it happen again. After taking a break from all things online dating, I tried real dating. Sort of. Long distance is better than cyberspace, isn’t it? Things went well, he knows how to treat a lady, but in the end, we were running two very different races.

So…  I jumped back in the pond. Not that I’m expecting a catch or anything. I do it more to amuse myself. I’ve been gone a while and some changes have been made to the site during that time, not all of them good. I will not discuss them now, but rest assured that I will address those issues in a later post.

My grievance this night is that of the options available when stating ones religion. I have “Christian-Other” marked off. Some people have “Catholic” others “Sikh”. That’s alright with me. Here in Canada, we are granted the freedom of religion through our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But one option that keeps popping up over and over is “Other Religion”.

Now, before you go off saying how many faiths there are, let me explain that I thought the list of options to be quite exhaustive. Most people just use “Not Religious” and be done with it. I don’t get this “Other Religion” thing. What other religion? What sort of far out, wacky religion do these people belong to?

Here’s my opinion: the people who fall under the category of “Other Religion” do not, in fact, belong to a religion at all, but they are merely so self-centred, self-serving that they worship only themselves. Of course, self-worship is not listed as an option, so “Other Religion” is the only viable option. Now if only these men would clarify this in their profiles, it would save a lot of women a lot of trouble and heartache.