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Where have all the real men gone?

Chivalry is nearly dead and it’s women who’ve killed it.  At least that’s what I’ve concluded.  How did I come to that conclusion, you may ask? Let me tell you.

Women these days are all about women’s rights and equality.  “We’re just as good as men are, if not better!”  Sure, I’m just as smart as the guy in the desk next to me, but while some women are all gung ho to take on men’s tasks, they’ve ruined men for the rest of us.

Just because one women would rather spend time in and auto shop rather than a beauty shop doesn’t mean every woman feels the same way.  I’d change the oil on my car if I had to, but so long as there’s a man around to do it, why should I have to?  Yes, I can open a door for myself, but if there’s a man around, I shouldn’t have to.  I can start a conversation, but what happened to men making the first move?

Here’s my issue:  I can send a communication to any number of guys and they may or may not respond, but I’m a little traditional and I’d rather be pursued rather than be the one having to make all the moves.  I’m a woman and I want to feel like one!  I dare you to try.

Here I am men, come and get me!