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Single By Choice

I just finished another round of family weddings – two a week apart from each other. While I am thrilled that two more of my cousins have found love and good men, the well-meaning comments are less than thrilling.

Things like “So, when are you getting married?”. The third finger on my left hand is obviously bare and the person sitting next to me is my 9 year old nephew.

“Your turn next!” I counted, one younger sibling and 6 of my younger cousins are now married with one more is engaged. I don’t think “turns” count here.

“Go for the bouquet – you’ll be next for sure!” I’ve lost count of how many bouquets I’ve caught. I sat the last toss out.

“So, where’s your man?” (They peer over my shoulder as though there may be a man hiding behind me at which point I look back, hoping there is.)

So, to all you well-meaning encouragers, I thank you, but your comments would be better left unsaid.

But here’s the thing, I’d rather be single than be with the wrong man. I’ve seen countless young women in the church lower their standards in desperation. And, in doing so, seen their walk with God falter and fail. Trying to make the wrong relationship right is only a waste of time and effort as well as a mockery of the time you’ve spent waiting for the real right one. Until the right one comes along, I’ll stay single. By choice.


About Little Miss Virgin

I'm a 29 year old. Single. Virgin. Believer in Jesus Christ. I seek to live my life according to the Word of God and if I can help others like myself as they strive to walk a similar path, I'm all for it!

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