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Response to a Reader

I recently received the following comment on my post “Apparent Christianity” from an anonymous reader:

I listed myself as a Christian on my POF profile. I am a Christian, I believe in God and I accept Jesus as the son of God yes. But I don’t live an incredibly Christian lifestyle Jordan. I am not a virgin, I support Gay rights, I am pro choice. I don’t think it is fair of you to judge some one who says they are Christian vs. their hobbies and interests….

Love from, Successful POF User

To Successful POF User:

First of all, this blog is entirely my own opinion. I understand that many of my views are considered old-fashioned and, in many cases, socially unacceptable. While I don’t live a perfect life, by giving myself a label of “Christian”, I try to live a life worthy of the name and the call God has placed on my life. To be a Christian is to be Christ-like – promoting what He promotes and avoiding what He avoids. To live a life according to biblical principles is to live a life of abstinence before marriage, to promote life (at all stages – from conception to death) and to promote the sanctity of marriage (and romantic relationships).

Let’s also remember that my “judgement” of these men is based entirely upon whether or not I think they are marriageable material – for me, no one else. I will not marry a man who spends his weekends drinking at the pub. I will not marry a man who thinks it’s okay for two men or two women to marry. I will not marry a man who believes it is a woman’s choice whether or not to kill her unborn child. These are standards I’ve set for myself and I do not expect that everyone will conform to them.

It is my opinion that, if someone gives them self the label of “Christian” that they should do everything in their power (with the help of God) to live a life worthy of that call. The world is lost because too many Christians are themselves lost. If a Christian is no different from the world, what is there to draw the unbelievers to the knowledge of Christ?


I’m looking for someone sweet, not a sugar daddy.

In what universe would I ever be interested in a 58 year-old divorced Jew with kids over the age of 18?  (Not that I have anything in general against 58 year-olds, divorcees, Jews or kids over the age of 18 – I am, after all, a kid over the age of 18.)  I’m just not looking for those qualities in a future mate.

Mr Old-Enough-To-Be-My-Father is apparently a film producer ( has his last film listed for 2003 – so I assume that he’s an out of work film producer or has only made movies so bad they failed to be credited).  He’s also a “bissness” man.  Everything a woman could want & then some! (His words, not mine.)

**shudder**  Wait…  **shudder**

I fail to recall entering “looking for a golf buddy for my father” in my profile.  Perhaps I should double-check.  I would have assumed that this guy was woefully mislead if it weren’t for the fact that he himself stated in his profile that he is looking for a woman under 30.

Wait for it… **shudder**

He brags about owning a house not only in L.A., but also one in San Diego (both locations spelled incorrectly).  I couldn’t care less that he owns a couple of houses in California.  He’s only in my area for six months.  Makes me wonder what he’s actually looking for.

I admit that I’m a pretty sweet girl, but I’m not the arm candy kind.  I’d like to consider myself more of a nice, big mug of rich hot chocolate topped with a million mini marshmallows.

Looks like this guy was mis-informed as to the location of the Playboy mansion.