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U R PriT

First of all, look down.  See that thing on the desk in front of you with a bunch of letters on it?  Yeah, that’s a keyboard and, believe it or not, it’s got ALL the letters of the alphabet!  And, get this, those buttons actually work!  Yes, my friend, those little keys unlock the entire English language, but apparently your brain does not.

I can see by your profile that you have a post-secondary education, but I think you’re lying.  Or maybe you’re not, but I highly doubt that you made top grades in English.  (Hint: if you’re trying to convince someone that you are intelligent, you need to learn to type, and spell.  A bit of proper grammar would go a long way, too.)

Here are some possible conclusions:  a) you’re a moron b) you’re a rocket scientist, but don’t want me to feel inferior to your outrageous intelligence c) you’re a big, fat liar.  No matter what you are, I’m not likely to respond to your profile or any message you may send me.  I don’t go for morons, liars or those who dumb down their intelligence (though if you start spewing words that are too long to fit on one line, I’ll most likely tune out).

Call me old school, but I refuse to learn texting shorthand just to score a date.