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Baby Bowler

I always find it a little strange when I get a message from someone whose profile I’ve browsed and then proceeded to ignore.  This makes me wonder if I should be blocking more people than I already have.

Baby Bowler* sent me a message the other day.  Upon viewing his profile, I distinctly recall discussing with a co-worker his passion for bowling.  I’d seen it before.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy bowling as much as the next person, but no so much as to make a point to mention it in my profile more than once (if at all).  I came, I saw, I moved on (without sending any communication).

This guy had enough sense to post a picture, however, it strangely reminds me of one of my nephews circa age 1 1/2 wearing grandpa’s giant sunglasses.  Some guys with baby faces are still cute in a grown up sort of way.  I’m not looking for cute in a want to pinch your cheeks sort of way.  May I suggest, Mr Baby Bowler than you find a more flattering picture, one that makes you look at least half your age?

*name changed to protect the innocent


So you think I’m cute…

Word of advice.  Don’t send a girl an email just because you think she’s cute.  I can’t tell you how many messages I’ve had from men with whom I have absolutely nothing in common but the fact that we live in the same general vicinity.

I had a bite yesterday.  The first line, “hey beautiful, how it going?”  Aside from the lack of capital letters and proper spelling, there are several things wrong with this line.  I don’t mind if you think I’m beautiful, but don’t call me a pet name before you get to know me.  And, by the way, it going well.

The guy proceeds to ask me how long of been on PoF (Plenty of Fish – for those of you who are acronymically challenged). I tell him and then he asks if I have MSN and offers me his contact information. “ok, so wht would you say if i ask you to add me msn?” My response: “I’d wonder what you’re hoping to get out of chatting after you’ve read my profile. Not that I don’t want to chat, but I’ve had a lot of people want to chat and I can’t figure out why…” And then I gave him my email address. He never added me to MSN and never sent another message.

Here’s the problem when people pay attention to looks only.  I’m a good girl.  A church-going, Bible-studying missionary.  If you have a home brewery and spend your weekends at the pub, I can tell you right now that we are not compatible.  Sure, we may have good conversation and there could be the possibility that we enjoy each other’s company, but let’s be honest here, we’re not really on this site looking for buddies.

I’ve come to the conclusion that most women who take part in online dating are looking for romance, someone to spend time with, someone to keep them company.  Most men are looking for something a little different and that doesn’t usually spend endless evenings in a coffee shop talking.

While I believe that physical attraction can play an important role in the beginnings of a new relationship, to base your choices solely on looks just shows how shallow you really are.

Don’t message me just because you think I’m cute.  You’re not going to get into my pants with flattery.