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No More Mr. Nice Guy

I have an aunt, an awesome aunt, who has told me more than once, “Honey, you’re a lot of woman. You’re going to need a whole lot of man.”

I laughed the first time I heard it, but now that a few years have passed, I really know what she meant.

I recently “met” a guy on eHarmony. The thing about eHarmony is that you can usually find some connection with your local matches and even some not-so-local matches. I’ve been matched with my former pastor’s son and a guy I once went out with, but didn’t quite get along with his pigeons. Heck, Plenty of Fish even matched me with my ex brother-in-law. Awkward!

I digress. This guy I met on eHarmony – turns out that one of his Bible school teachers was my Sunday school teacher when I was a kid. Small world, eh? And that wasn’t the only connection. I asked around about him for character references and got the same response from everyone – he’s a really nice guy.

While there is nothing wrong with being a really nice guy, if that’s all people say about you, you’re not for me. After speaking with the guy, I came to the same conclusion. He’s a really nice guy. And when you put me into the picture, it would most likely mean that he’s a guy I’d walk all over. Not intentionally, but my personality is such that I could very easily put the pants on and that would be that.

I blame my mother. My name means “courageous in judgement” – a.k.a. “highly opinionated”. Thanks, Mom. Put that with a “really nice guy” and I’ve just taken over. While, for some women, this would be a perfect setup, it’s not at all what I want. I don’t want to wear the proverbial pants in a relationship. I want a man to take the lead. Someone who can (and will) challenge me and my opinions. Someone who will pursue me.

Sorry all you Mr. Nice Guys, you’re not for me.


Looking to find someone to be happy with

That line came from Billy. He just came out of a bad Relationship He loves camping quading dirt bike ing the outdoors. (*All captialization and punctuation is his and his alone and I do not endorse his profile.) He also has twin nefews and what appears to be a dog the size of a downtown rat. Thanks For Reading happy fishing.

Now, I don’t want to promote lying in ones profile, but there are some truths that could (should) be omitted for certain reasons. Guys, don’t let a girl know that you just got out of a bad relationship. My first thought: it takes two and, if you were a part of the relationship, you were half the problem. That’s not really something you should be advertising followed by “looking for a girl or my future wife”.

And I feel as though I should say this once more: spelling and punctuation really do matter! When a persons first introduction to you is what you have typed out (on a computer that has multiple spell checking options) it really is a poor reflection when you can’t even spell the basics. My eight-year-old nephew can spell out his relationship to me. I expect at least that from any future significant other.

Thanks For Reading happy fishing.