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Not So Many Fish

There aren’t as many fish in the sea as Plenty of Fish would like you to believe.  At least none that are biting.  I’ve learned that if I don’t bite first, they won’t bite back.

I made it through the weekend without a single communication received.  Mind you, I didn’t send any out either.  Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather be pursued than the pursuer.  I’ve put myself “out there” by posting a profile.  Men should be flocking toward me (or my profile) and sending me messages left, right and centre!  Here I am world (of men), come to me!  Or not.

I did get a nibble by a 51 year old man.  Should I be flattered or disgusted?  I know I’m 27, but with an age difference like that, the word pedophile was one of the first to jump into my mind.  I’m more inclined to be flattered if a 23 year old male model from Spain views my profile.