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Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow

This is one of my favourite hymns (sung by one of my favourite Gospel artists). It came to my mind as I was listening to a sermon last night. I’ve heard the song many times and I’ve heard the sermon more than once, but something new came to me as I pondered this one line of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”.

I’ve been asked no small number of times how I do it. How on earth am I still a virgin at age 29? People express how they can’t understand how I can live without sex. It’s the same for me as alcohol – kind of hard to miss something you’ve never had. But that doesn’t mean I’m a prude and it doesn’t mean I’ve never thought about sex. I’m 29, let’s be realistic here.

But as I played through and was singing this song this morning with these thoughts in mind, I realise that it is the grace of God that has kept me pure through my life. “Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, blessings all mine and ten thousand beside.” I have no doubt that as I live my life faithful to the God that put me here, that He will be faithful to me and those blessings really will be all mine when the time comes.

Isn’t it true that the longer you wait for something you really want, the better it is when you finally get it? When you’ve been craving something for so long that it’s better than you remembered it to be? For all of you girls (and maybe guys) who have been waiting whether you’re fresh out of high school or pushing 30, like me, God is faithful. He wouldn’t ask us to do the impossible if it weren’t possible (remember Luke 1:37, “For nothing is impossible with God.”).

I find that the more I stick with and to God, the easier the wait is. I’m not saying it’s easy at all, but the burden is not my own to bear and I’m trusting in my faithful God that, when the time is right, all this waiting will be worth it. God’s strength for me today will become my bright hope tomorrow.