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That Awkward Moment

We all have those awkward moments, especially when it comes to the search for that certain someone.

Today, my awkward moment came when I looked at who Plenty of Fish matched me with. I usually don’t put much stock in who they offer me. Just because we both like music and live near Vancouver doesn’t mean we’ll be able to live in sweet bliss together for the rest of our lives. Today is no exception. On the my list of matches for the week was none other than my brother-in-law.

What’s your brother-in-law doing on Plenty of Fish? you may ask. Well, he’s only still technically my brother-in-law. He won’t be for long, but still. For 10 years, he’s been my brother. Soon, he won’t be (for reasons we won’t discuss here, but they’re good ones). And now, Plenty of Fish thinks we’d be good together? I think not. My nephews would then be my step kids and my sister would be my husband’s ex and he’d be her brother-in-law and things would just get messier than they already are.

Plenty of Fish, please, please work on your matching system. It doesn’t work. Thanks.