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Hey, ‘sup.

Most girls don’t respond to “hey, ‘sup” in person so why do some men think they will online? It sounds (looks) even worse typed out than it does out loud. Stan500 tried this one on me this week. I hope by now you’d know me well enough to know that he did not receive a response. The obvious lack of time in sending the message does not merit me wasting my time responding.

In addition to “hey sup”, I’ve also had, “Hey beauty,how are u?”, “Hi”, and a “How are you doing tonight?” from Cat_Man_Dan. (That name alone was enough for me to avoid responding – I’m allergic to cats).

The best one was “still interested…in more?” I asked about that one. Apparently some guy (who didn’t even appear all that bad) let his buddy use his PC (and his Plenty of Fish account) and that message ensued. I was almost disappointed that he didn’t communicate on purpose. One of the first interesting guys I get a message from lately and he wasn’t even the one who sent it!

Here’s to hoping that one of these days someone will try something worth responding to.