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Meet Paolo. Cute. Right? Paolo met the girl of his dreams, Celeste in Rome. He’s Italian, she’s French. Love at first site. The whole shebang. They spend a few beautiful moments together and that was it. Her friends whisked her away and she’s off to Paris. All he knows is that she will be in New York for her birthday. He’s recorded a video for her and saved in on a flash drive which gets lost and ends up in the hands of a video blogger. She’s taken by the story and is bound and determined to see Paolo and Celeste together in New York at Cafe Kismet for Celeste’s birthday.


Skip to the end. Video blogger Natalie hops on a plane and gets herself to New York. She doesn’t want to miss the happy reunion of Paolo and Celeste. With her are others who had been following her video stories. All dressed in red, they wait. Someone says something. Paolo is there at Cafe Kismet! Unfortunately, Celeste is not. Natalie is heartbroken for the star-crossed lovers. Paolo, though, could not be happier. Somehow he found out about Natalie’s blogging and her quest to see him with Celeste once again. Completely taken in by her passion for his love for another, Paolo did not come to New York for Celeste, but for Natalie! Sigh.

Unfortunately, none of this is really true. I saw it on a tv show last week. This is just me hoping and praying that there really are men like Paolo out there who would fly around the world to meet a girl he fell in love with because she was in love with his love story.


About Little Miss Virgin

I'm a 29 year old. Single. Virgin. Believer in Jesus Christ. I seek to live my life according to the Word of God and if I can help others like myself as they strive to walk a similar path, I'm all for it!

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